At a cost of just $0.20 cents per beach while it would cost you thousands of dollars to see them all in person, and it would take you years to do it. Use this informative double DVD disc set to pick and choose which beaches in Florida are worth your time, money and your attention. Florida attracts people from around the world for one reason; its beaches. As millions of visitors travel to Florida each year, accommodations can be expensive, so for that reason, we bring the beaches to you on this double DVD disc set so you have a better idea of what to expect before you plan your trip down south. Florida Beach Secrets is Rated G


Florida Beach Secrets DVD shows Florida's coastline on two discs, 98 beaches in all. Florida has the most diverse coastal areas in the world, imagination alone simply can't do what this spectacular Florida beaches DVD set can. On this two disc set, total run time 2 hours 15 minutes, you'll discover beautiful beaches you may not have known existed. You'll see boats exploring waterways, jet ski's at play and peaceful walks along crystal clear waters where sea shell collectors encounter an unlimited supply of wonders from the sea.

Each DVD takes the viewer on a journey of discovery throughout Florida's 1200 miles of coastal land. You'll see scenes of heaven on earth where if desired you could take a nap in the sand below a palm tree in total privacy as the sound of gentle waves allows your mind to drift away. If live nature is your thing, you'll see no shortage of it in it's natural habitat, like racoons sneaking up to explore contents of picnic tables with babies in tow, squirrels having lunch and dolphins trolling the shore. 

The Florida Beach Secrets DVD set helps you discover where you can find picnicking at the beach as well as camping in a tent or a motor coach steps from the beautiful turquoise waters of the ocean. It's a journey you'll never forget and after watching it, you'll find yourself planning numerous road trips along natures best kept shores in Florida.



Florida Beach Secrets

Double Disc DVD Set 

$24.95  + Free Shipping

what customers are saying

I don't understand why mom and dad always took us to Disney World on vacation instead of the beach. I always thought if you've seen one beach you've seen them all but this DVD gave me new perspective on that theory. Practically every beach in Florida looks very different. This did it for me, I'm moving to Florida now, bye bye Idaho.

Linda M.

This DVD will leave you wanting to grab your sunscreen, a few good books and a one way ticket to Florida. Its a family friendly tour that shows you what the beaches look like as if you were there. It doesn't show businesses like other travel videos do, just relaxing sounds and therapeutic views of nature. The dvds are also much like a CD in that they allow you to watch any beach you want by clicking on the beach name using your dvd remote.

Tammy R.

I'd never been to Florida before but after watching Florida Beach Secrets, that's about to change. I've always lived in California and it can be a pain to find parking at the beaches but Florida is so different. I'm not telling anyone where I'm going, its my Secret and who needs parking at the beach when you can just walk to one without being rich. Its the little things that matter.

Brandon T.

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